Our premium synthetic roof underlayment, is among the safest, strongest, and best-performing on the market. It balances strength and weight, provides dynamic steep-slope traction, and will not buckle, warp or crack. FelTex is rated for commercial and residential applications using roofing nails (3/8-inch head), and is an ideal underlayment for asphalt, shingles, metal, tile, slate, and a variety of sloped roofing materials. Two skid-resistant surfaces include the proprietary Fiber Claw® top and a deck grabbing rubberized bottom. These surfaces along with unmatched strength and durability make FelTex an ideal steep slope underlayment choice. Whether you’re working on a FelTex-protected roof or living underneath one, you’ll appreciate FelTex’s quality.

  • Safest: Skid-resistant polymer coating underneath and proprietary Fiber ClawTM walking surface offers dynamic steep slope traction.
  • Hail Rated: FelTex has a Class 4 hail rating (UL 2218) and may help reduce insurance costs.
  • Strongest: FelTex is designed for high traffic and high winds with the most strength and durability available.
  • Lighter: FelTex is lighter than #15 or #30 felt and easier to handle during all stages of installation.
  • Simpler to Apply: FelTex installs quickly and easily. It is lighter, stronger, and covers more area than traditional underlayments.
  • More Coverage: FelTex offers five times more coverage per roll than Type 30 felt.
  • Advertise: Bigger and bolder with BROADCAST® Custom Print – the easiest way to get leads or earn paid advertising revenue during your project. With Broadcast Custom Print your individual logo, phone number, web address, and any other information can be featured on the same roll, with individual images more than 2 feet tall and 10 feet wide. BROADCAST® Custom Print offers the largest, most vivid job site advertising in the industry.
  • Gray Color: Provides a comfortable working surface in all temperatures and an excellent background for your extra large (up to 30” tall/unlimited width) full-color custom printed logo, phone number, website or other advertisements.
  • Won’t Buckle, Warp or Crack: Superior lay-flat properties and water resistance keeps FelTex from warping, wrinkling, and cracking in cold weather.
  • UV Exposure Rating: FelTex is treated to resist excessive degradation from normal UV exposure for up to six months. See published installation guidelines for details.
  • Meets Building Codes: FelTex is rated for residential and commercial projects.
  • Asphalt Free: FelTex is 100% inorganic and will not rot or mold.
  • Sustainable: FelTex is environmentally responsible and may contribute to your LEED and NGBP ratings.
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Tensile StrengthWeightLong-term ExposureCustom Priting
FelTex126 lbs2.9 lbs per square180 daysBest
Type 30 Felt20 lbs27.5 lbs per square30 daysNone
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FelTex is far stronger and far more durable than traditional roofing felt.

Due to its polymer fabric construction, FelTex is far stronger and far more durable than Type 15 and 30 felt. It’s also safer, faster, and easier to install. 100-percent synthetic construction resists water, and will neither rot nor support the growth of mold like organic felt products may. When left exposed, FelTex resists ultraviolet exposure for six months without swelling, warping or wrinkling. Felt cannot offer these performance advantages when installed or left exposed. FelTex has proprietary slip-resistant features; felt does not. FelTex fastens securely; felt tears and is vulnerable to “blow offs.” One roll of FelTex will cover five times the area a single roll of felt will. We stand behind that promise with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

FelTex outperforms other synthetic underlayments.

FelTex is more versatile, adaptable, and user-friendly than other synthetic underlayments. It can be installed with both plastic-cap fasteners and 3/8-inch dia. head roofing nails for quick installation. Its textured Fiber Claw surface gives FelTex the best-performing walking surface among synthetic underlayments. The rubberized polymer coating on the back side provides FelTex exceptional deck grip. And because it’s available with the most comprehensive custom printing in the industry, it can be a powerful advertising and lead-generation tool.

Required Number of Fasteners Accepts Plastic Cap Fasteners Accepts Nails (3/8″ dia. head) Walking Surface Deck Grip Custom Printing
FelTex Fewest Yes Yes Best Best Best
Other Synthetic Underlayment 2-4x more Yes No Average Poor Average

FelTex is simple to install.

Homeowners rely on FelTex to protect their homes; roofers rely on it for roofer-friendly installation. Because of its unique and rugged construction, it’s strong and less likely to tear around fasteners, in high-traffic areas, or during high winds. Since a single roll of FelTex covers five times the area as a roll of Type 30 felt, crews can finish jobs more quickly — saving time and money. It also grips phenomenally well and has a proprietary textured walking surface for dynamic steep-slope traction. The result? Performance you can count on. Lastly, FelTex can be left exposed for up to 180 days.


Sustainability ensures the future of the environment, and your business. That’s why SystemComponents® products are engineered to be environmentally responsible. To determine the environmental responsibility of a structure, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) have each established rating systems (NGBP1 and LEED2). A higher rating denotes a healthier home at a lower cost to the environment. So how can FelTex products contribute to raising your ratings and lowering your environmental impact?

  • SystemComponents products are termite- and water-resistant, reducing structure degradation from the elements and enhancing longevity.
  • SystemComponents products contain no asphalt and are 100% recyclable in regions with established recycling programs.
  • SystemComponents products are more stable in wetting cycles than traditional roofing felt.
  • SystemComponents products may contain up to 10% recycled material.
  • Because SystemComponents products weigh less than conventional underlayments, there is less transportation pollution than traditional underlayment materials.
  • SystemComponents products weigh less than Type 30 felt or other asphalt-saturated underlayments and comes in efficient sizes to help reduce construction waste.

1NGBP is a registered trademark of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
2LEED is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Tensile Strength Weight Long-term Exposure Custom Priting
FelTex 126 lbs 2.9 lbs per square 180 days Best
Type 30 Felt 20 lbs 27.5 lbs per square 30 days None