FelTex SA300®: Everything you love about FelTex premium grade roof underlayment is now available with a high-performance, next-generation self-adhered backing. FelTex SA300 uses the trusted technology of premium grade FelTex, making it one of the strongest, most reliable and best-performing synthetic self-adhered roof underlayments on the market. It is unrivaled in its ease of application, requires no back-nailing in the field of the roof, does not require priming at low temperatures, and remains stable at extreme temperatures. FelTex SA300 is also known for its exceptional UV resistance (six months). It meets or exceeds code and industry nail sealability tests, and offers the most walkable surface in the industry with a propietary Fiber Claw® woven fabric surface. FelTex SA300 is rated for commercial and residential applications, and is an ideal self-adhering underlayment for projects subject to ice damming and severe weather.

Secure under foot, reliable over head, next-gen self-adhered underlayment.

  • Next Generation Technology: FelTex SA300 has the widest functional temperature range of any self-adhered underlayment, creating a continuous water-shedding surface without nailing.
  • Versatile: FelTex SA300 meets code requirements for initial tack at 0° F and has a high adhesive melt point at 280° F, making it the most versatile choice for a wide range of projects.
  • Simpler to Apply: FelTex SA300 installs quickly and easily. Split-poly release films and lighter weight rolls are easier to handle and save time and money on the job site.
  • Easier to Handle: FelTex SA300 is up to four times lighter than competitive products and easier to handle during all stages of installation.
  • Better Coverage: FelTex SA300 comes in 48" rolls, saving labor costs and improving coverage.
  • Reliable: Proprietary Fiber Claw® walking surface offers dynamic steep-slope traction.
  • Stronger: FelTex SA300 is remarkably stronger than competitive products, will not delaminate, and is resistant to tearing and stretching.
  • Cold Weather Flexibility: FelTex SA300 does not become stiff and brittle in cold temperatures.
  • UV Exposure Rating: FelTex SA300 is engineered to resist excessive degradation from normal UV exposure for up to six months.
  • Meets Building Codes: FelTex SA300 is designed for residential and commercial projects.
  • Asphalt-Free: FelTex SA300 is 100% inorganic and will not support the growth of mold.
  • Sustainable: FelTex SA300 is environmentally responsible, and may contribute to your LEED and NGBP ratings.
  • Warranty: A limited lifetime warranty applies to FelTex SA300.

Why Choose FelTex SA300?

FelTex SA300 outperforms other high-temp underlayments.

FelTex SA300 is unlike any other self-adhered roof underlayment on the market, and is a single, versatile and aggressive solution for all climates.

FelTex SA300 vs. Other Peel & Stick

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